OFFICE: (602) 824-8804

Carlie M. Herrmann

Carlie M. Herrmann works as a part-time office assistant and art therapy materials coordinator at Arizona Child Psychology, PLLC, and is a high school student at Xavier College Prep. When Carlie is not entering data, working with spreadsheets, or constructing art therapy materials, she is likely working out with her high school swim team, doing a spin class at The Madison, or keeping up with her AP high school classes.

Louise “Weezie” Herrmann

Weezie Herrmann is a part-time employee at Arizona Child Psychology, PLLC, where she works as a therapy dog, confidant, and companion to those needing a gentle friend. Weezie has helped countless children and teens overcome their fear of dogs, and she also has a knack for befriending those who just need the support of a friendly companion. Weezie works “off the books,” and is compensated by biscuits, belly rubs and squeak toys.