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Charges / Fees:

Arizona Child Psychology, PLLC is a fee for service practice, and we do not contract with any insurance companies. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, DEBIT, and CASH as forms of payment. For clients with insurance, we are happy to provide a "superbill" which can be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement consideration, and can also be used for personal accounting purposes. Many clients are surprised to learn that their insurance will reimburse for services received from an out-of-network provider, so we encourage all clients interested in this to contact their insurance company to inquire about the specifics of their plan. Regarding clinical services, payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. Psychological evaluations and report charges are due in full at the first testing appointment. School-based advocacy / support service charges are due in full 72 hours in advance of any meeting where advocacy / representation has been scheduled.

Clinical Service Charges:

Clinical Services (e.g., individual therapy, family therapy, parent coaching) are billed at $175 per therapeutic hour (45-50 minute sessions). Initial intake sessions (appx. 60 minutes) are billed at $250.

Group Workshop Charges :

Workshop registration fees are individually listed for each workshop series, and are due in full at the time of registration. Because of the logistics involved in running group workshops, we are not able to offer make-up sessions or refunds for missed workshop sessions.

Psychological Evaluation Charges :

Each psychological evaluation conducted by Arizona Child Psychology PLLC is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the child / adolescent, and the presenting issue(s) being addressed. Psychological evaluations are typically comprised of an initial parent intake / data collection, clinical interview, administration of selected psychological tests and instruments, test scoring, test interpretation and report writing. A formal written report, including evaluative finding and recommendations, is included with each completed evaluation. Because psychological evaluations vary in scope and nature, please contact our office to discuss the reasons why you are considering a psychological evaluation for your child, and to receive a firm price quote regarding the type of evaluation you are interested in.

School Based Advocacy / Support Service Charges :

School-based advocacy / support services are billed at $175 per clock hour (including billing for case review and preparation time). Because school-based advocacy / support services vary in scope and nature, please contact our office to discuss the school based advocacy situation you are seeking professional advocacy and support for.